Pastor Jacob "Jake" Stewart
Lead Pastor

A radical encounter with God in 1998 changed the direction of Jacob Stewart’s life forever!  Pastor Jake, as he is now known, is a local boy who thought his athletic abilities and interest in marine biology would largely direct his future.  But God had other plans.  Big plans!

At a series of revival meetings with Dr. Rodney Howard-Browne in Portland, Oregon in 1998, Pastor Jake found himself hit with the power of the Holy Spirit in a profound way. From that point on, he wanted nothing but Jesus – nothing but proclaiming to the world that Jesus is the ONLY way, truth and life!  This passion to see lost souls won for Christ drove, and continues to drive him to seek out ministry training and opportunities.

In addition to holding a Bachelors of Science degree from Willamette University and a Masters and Ph. D in Theology, Pastor Jake served as the Leader for Youth Ministry at The Ark for 15 years, most of these years with his wonderful wife, Pastor Jolie, alongside him as his co-minister.  During this time, he was also able to personally lead international missions teams to remote areas of the developing world including areas in the Philippines, China, Malaysia, Africa, India, and Mexico.  From his home in Hawaii to these foreign missions fields, Pastor Jake has seen God work creative, life-changing miracles at his obedience to pray in faith over the lost, sick, wounded, broken, and destitute.

The most important ministry that Pastor Jake has is to his beautiful wife and to his two priceless children, Hunter and Dakota. His purpose is to impart wisdom and inspiration to his natural family first and then to his church family so they can continue to change the world for Christ.  His heart and vision is to reach the world for Jesus, starting with the community and people of Kaneohe, Hawaii, the State of Hawaii and to be a bridge-builder with the other Godly ministers in the islands, in our nation, and around the world.

Through some of his hobbies – outdoors and sporting activities, hunting and shooting sports, CrossFit, and more – Pastor Jake finds he is able to increase his sphere of influence for the Lord and finds new “sheep” to lead to Christ.  Because he is wholly certain that no one is too difficult for God to reach, Pastor Jake is committed to fervently training passionate men and women who want to see God’s Kingdom invade our natural, earthly lives.  And this he will do until the Lord returns…

Pastor Jolie Stewart
Lead Pastor

Born in Pahoa, Hawaii Island, Jolie Sanoria Stewart is the youngest of three sisters.  Her years being raised in Pahoa Assembly of God, serving alongside her family, learning of the Lord and how to be a worshipper, were God's way of laying a solid foundation in her heart for the ministry role she now finds herself living out.

While becoming the Lead Pastor of a church was never on her radar, Pastor Jolie knew, from a very young age, that she wanted to use the musical giftings God gave to her to serve the family of God and to bring glory to her Creator. Her first church leadership opportunity came when she was 14 years old, leading worship for her church’s youth group.  The days of small beginnings have truly blossomed into much more than she had ever dreamed of.

After graduating from Hilo High with Honors in 1997,  Jolie moved to O’ahu to pursue a degree in pre-med from the University of Hawai’i at Manoa.  Though she met her future husband in the fall of 1998 (after his radical encounter with God just a few months prior), it would be another 3 years before she would become Mrs. Jolie Stewart.

Many know the funny story that she considered Jacob Stewart to be way too intense about Jesus when she first met him!  After three years of intense study and hard work toward her college degree, however, God shifted her life completely and led her to embark on a life of adventure with this passionate individual.

She considers marrying her best friend, Pastor Jake, in 2001 to be one of the major benchmarks in her life!  This union launched her into a new arena of ministry that she knows she wouldn’t have fulfilled on her own.  2004 was a BIG year for Pastor Jolie. Her ordination as a pastor at The Ark on April 4, 2004 was a monumental day, as was graduating with a Bachelors in Theology degree in June 2004, and giving birth to her firstborn, Hunter, later that year in September.

After a fulfilling 13 years of serving as a Leader of Youth Ministry and Worship Team drummer, 7 years as The Ark Worship Leader, pioneering The Ark’s Junior Worship Team, participating in foreign missions, and mentoring many young women to victory in Christ, the step into serving as The Ark’s Lead Pastor alongside her husband in January of 2016 has been yet another great step of faith and excitement in her amazing journey with her Jesus.